Company Profile

C.A. Howell and Company

The Mid-South’s leading management contracting firm specializing in workplace development and innovation for growing organizations.

Signature projects managed by C.A. Howell and Company include the planning, acquisition and development of corporate headquarters, build-to-suit office buildings and operation centers for Fortune 500 companies across the southeast and overseas.

8 Key Results

Our Customers tell us they expect 8 key results when they start a new workplace project:
  1. They expect their workplace to reflect the Big Idea that drives their business.
  2. They expect their facility to meet their operational needs for 5 to 10 years.
  3. They expect their workplace to project an image consistent with their Company’s culture and brand.
  4. They expect their project to finish quickly, their money spent effectively within the budget, and to achieve a high level of quality.
  5. They expect the transition to the new facility to be seamless.
  6. They expect to work with people they trust and their employees to be treated with respect.
  7. They expect their key managers to focus on their core business and not have their attention diverted by the construction and relocation process.
  8. They expect to be more profitable as a result of the project.
And they want these results delivered in alignment with their Company’s values, mission and goals!


C.A. Howell and Company has over 30 years active experience in construction and real estate.

The company has specific experience helping Customers buy and lease real estate, developing build-to-suit office buildings, managing construction projects, outfitting workplaces and relocating to new facilities.


CAHCo is a sub-chapter S corporation chartered by the State of Tennessee and is a licensed real estate broker.

Charles Howell founded the company in 1899. The company moved its headquarters to 2704 12th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee in 1939. The company was incorporated October 26,1983.

C.A. Howell and Company is wholly owned by Andy Howell.